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unity游戏无限地图生成系统源码Infinite Map Builder 2.0$ C% W. _! e. j5 l# ~- @7 Z1 j& [
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Requires Unity 3.5.4 or higher.1 N1 |1 X. F' s4 j
Visit here for web player demo.
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5 i; t& |3 c& n+ MDo you want your game player to cross the limited bounds of the map?
; J2 Y% Z, A# h* x$ M5 a3 f, F  T# L( W  H7 m- \. J3 N) k+ Q5 N1 x" c
Then "Infinite Map Builder" Scripts is the perfect tool to do that. It includes decentralized map creation methods to create infinite map, city, ruins, village or whatever you want. You just need to pass tileable prefabs and map size, and then the script handles the rest.
$ i- i1 O7 M4 S1 l1 Z1 U# z
" E2 T) B1 w! B: mExceptional features are :-
' ?, ~) L/ X3 X- Now optimized for Mobile Platform
- f% P! F) g4 N3 O" O- Creates only if visible. That is, it creates map only in that part which is visible by the main camera. It automatically tracks the main camera position and creates new maps and also destroys which is not visible.
+ f; l/ e' g! @' h$ _( D: s- Multiple map themes can be used (in form of prefabs), and the script uses them to create whole map scenerio which
3 w/ D$ |! I2 ]( J3 f" O# Nis endless.
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- C* f. i6 w$ S1 Z# Q; }6 g
源码下载" \" W7 R7 m. |8 X- {4 o
unity游戏无限地图生成系统源码Infinite Map Builder.zip (1.03 MB, 下载次数: 14)

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Requires Unity 3.5.4 or higher.
4 L  s9 |1 m3 A# k: r. U9 Y) B3 M哎,有没有新版的资源啊?Unity这软件更新快的,导入一堆问题新手没法解决
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