[Java] 毕业设计JAVA贪吃蛇游戏毕业设计(源代码+论文)

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关键词:手机游戏; MIDP应用程序 永久性数据
Develops based on the J2ME handset game
Abstract: Along with *nistpartynication development and handset popularization, people more and more pay attention to the handset game development technology. Develops the platform take J2ME, provides the powerful tool using Java, not only may realize the handset functions that static HTML technology be unable to realize, such as computation processing, data storage, and *nistpartynication with server, but also can develop all kinds of handset games. On the basis of the technology and architecture of J2ME being introduced, the gluttonous snake game was taken as a example, the development process of handset game with the aid of the J2ME MIDlet class library is described in this article.
Key Words: Handset game; MIDP application pragram;  Permanent data, j! i/ P; O  f% n4 |2 `  t+ p

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